The Faculty of Agricultural Economics was established In 1959 at the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute (now Azerbaijan State Agricultural University), which was founded by the Institute of National Economy (now Azerbaijan State Economic University).

Since its establishment , the faculty has trained thousands of specialists in the field of organization and planning of production in agriculture, national economic planning, economic management, foreign economic activity management of enterprises and firms.

Graduates of the faculty hold senior positions in material-production sphere, government agencies, enterprises, research institutes and universities.


The Faculty of Agribusiness and Management was established in 2014 to provide the agricultural sector with innovatively oriented specialists in the field of economics and management. Since its foundation, the dean of the faculty is a doctor of philosophical sciences, associate professor Aloysad Askerov Asgar.

The faculty conducts training in the field of agribusiness and management at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels in the following specialties:
• Management;
• Management (German program);
• Marketing;
• Business management;
• Accounting and Audit;

Management (German program), which has been taught at the University since 2005, is an undergraduate program that reflects a standard and curriculum developed on the basis of the experience of the Weinstein University in Germany.

The main goal of the program is to deepen theoretical and practical individual knowledge at the macro and micro levels, integrate into the international system of science and education, train highly qualified managers for large and medium agricultural companies, develop the infrastructure of science and education, train young people who want to get a doctoral education in Azerbaijan and abroad.


Students in this specialty undergo a 6-month internship in Germany.

Currently, about 1000 full-time and part-time students, post-graduate students and doctoral students study at the faculty, most of whom are rural youth who graduated from high school with high academic results, as well as foreigners.

There are 3 departments at the faculty for the organization of the educational process and research work:
• Agribusiness and Management;
• Accounting and Audit;
• Marketing.

More than 50 professors and teachers work at the faculty to organize the educational process, about 20 of them are doctors of philosophy, associate professors, and the rest are senior teachers and assistants. Several young teachers continue their doctoral and dissertation studies.

To deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of students, university invites well-known scientists, managers and specialists from local and foreign educational and research institutions.


Today, the material and technical base of the faculty meets high educational standards. All departments are fully computerized, Internet access is provided, and modern information materials are used for training and monitoring. There are thematic stands, an electronic library, and the necessary study roomsin the faculty.

In addition to classroom studies, to master the educational process students of the faculty have their internship in various scientific and industrial institutions of the country, as well as in foreign countries (Germany, Turkey, Poland and Hungary etc.).

To demonstrate public support for the development of the agricultural sector, to identify problems of citizens and farmers in the field, to seek solutions, to implement the ideas of young professionals and to draw public attention to this area the Ministry of Agriculture organised "Agrarian Development Volunteers" movement. ADAU students are active participants of this movement.

Being competitive and innovatively demanded specialists in the labor market graduates of the faculty receive material and moral rewards for the knowledge and experience gained at the university.